Plant Therapy

Aged Patchouli Essential Oil 10 mL Set

Some things simply get better with age. When it comes to Patchouli, that’s never been more true. After patiently waiting for 6 years while carefully storing in optimal conditions, we are excited to finally bring you our artisan Aged Dark Patchouli oil. Purchased fresh from an Indonesian farm in 2016, we’ve lovingly held on to this batch with the sole purpose of giving you a uniquely decadent oil with a classic character you know and love. An outlier in the world of aromatherapy thanks to the way its aromatic profile improves over time, Patchouli has been purposefully left to age naturally to produce a more complex, luxurious scent. Just as a wine matures into a well-developed bouquet of intoxicating aromas, our Aged Dark Patchouli will captivate your senses. This particularly exquisite oil is highly valued by perfumers thanks to its unmatched depth and richness, sweet balsamic notes, and savory woodiness with a touch of mint.

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