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Astrotherapy: Discover How to Live Better and Move Forward

Find serenity thanks to the stars! Astrology, the discipline of the mind and the study of the human psyche as seen through the position of heavenly bodies, has become over the centuries a true psychological tool. No longer perceived as merely magical or mystical, it is now viewed as a serious and accessible resource for personal development and self-knowledge. Astrotherapy helps anyone understand how what happens astronomically correlates with what is happening in their lives and to discover true purpose. By studying Astrotherapy, insights are provided to approach every aspect of life, from love to family to job, and with the personalized tools and techniques provided, readers will be able to live better, move forward in life, and unleash their full potential. Philippe Regnicoli has been passionate about astrology for over 30 years. An astrologer for about 15 years, he maintains the website 160pp | 6" x 9" x 3/4" | 41 color images | hc

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