Raven’s Hearth

Calavera Room Spray Perfect for Fall Dia de los Muertos

New from Raven’s Hearth … CALAVERA. This beautiful, traditional offering to the departed makes a special addition to your Dia de los Muertos Altar/Ofrenda. We’ve created these new products for the coming season — hoping they bring you comfort and sweet remembrances of your loved ones who have moved on to the next plane. This blend conjures loving memories, blesses and sanctifies them, and enhances your Dia de los Muertos celebration. The Aromatherapy Spray is essentially the same formula as our CALAVERA candle. You can use it to purify your altar space, or spray on yourself for a lovely, warm fragrance. Spray: 4 oz Safe for the skin. Aromatherapy, Essential Oils, Dia de Los Muertos, metaphysical, Halloween, ritual, spiritual, ofrenda, botanica, plant magic, altar, handmade, small batch, woman owned

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