Discover the vibrant allure of Consuela's Black Felt Alphabet Charms. Made for the dreamer, the wanderer, the lover of all things unique. Dive deep into a world of color and texture, where each charm speaks a language of creativity and personal flair.


  • Eclectic Artistry: Crafted with a bold mix of colors, these felt charms capture the essence of bohemian chic.
  • Perfect Match for Consuela: Exclusively tailored to pair with Consuela's diverse range of bags, totes, and purses.
  • Endless Personalization: With every letter of the alphabet, the combinations are infinite. Tell your story, your way.
  • Quality with Flair: Stitched to perfection with a touch of whimsy, ensuring your charm remains a staple accessory for years.

Step out, stand out, and let the Black Felt Alphabet Charms weave tales of style, spirit, and individuality.

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