Red Wheel/Weiser LLC

Crystal Grid Secrets (Full Color Photos & Illustrations)

Learn the Ancient Mysticism of Sacred Geometry Featuring a systematic approach to crystal grids and sacred rituals to invoke powerful changes in your life for specific goals and purposes, Crystal Grid Secrets is an awakening for a new generation of crystal healers. Learn to tap deeper into your intuitive abilities and raise your energy with the assistance of crystals—one of Earth’s true tools for manifestation. With this book, you will: Discover the advanced keys to manifesting miracles and why your attempts might not have worked in the past. Learn the ancient mysticism of sacred geometry and sound resonance. Dive deeper into the healing properties of crystals and chakra energies. Reawaken your connection to the source of power and life and learn how to stay connected to it. Accelerate your intuitive and psychic abilities. Earth healing, aura cleansing, self-care healing, soul purpose, and much more.

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