Red Feather

From God to You: Absolute Truth

On a summer night in a quiet living room in Illinois something miraculous occurred. God, or as they prefer to be called, "All there is, was, and ever shall be," began to speak verbally through Elliott Eli Jackson to his wife, Diane. During this occurrence, Elliott spoke of things that he could have no knowledge or understanding of and he appeared to be in a semi-conscious state. Diane began to document the messages given to her during these encounters. Additionally, Elliott began to type automatic messages. From God to You: Absolute Truth contains the universal truths given to both of them. It is a miraculous book about God's pure love for mankind. If you have ever asked yourself how our universe was created, or if angels really exist, or what happens after death, and other timeless questions, this book is for you. Hardback. Author: Jackson, Elliott Eli. Number of pages: 160.

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