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High Vibes ⎮ Crystal kit

Everything in the Universe carries energy & vibrates at a different frequency - crystals are no different. Therefore, our intuitively chosen high-energy Crystals will have you swiftly riding those high-frequency vibrations. As a result, it is believed you will naturally attract positive things when vibrating at a higher frequency. The crystals included in this set are chosen to lift your aura, boost overall health + wellness, and help motivate you to manifest positive transformation in ALL areas of your life. INCLUDES: •Citrine - Positivity | Optimism | Confidence •Blue Apatite - Uplifting | Encouraging | Joy •Desert Rose - High Vibe | Meditation | Rejuvenating •Quartz Crystal Point - Amplifying | Clarifying | Healing •Selenite - Protection | Mindfulness | Cleansing •Palo Santo - To cleanse & harmonize your crystals to support your intentions for them. •Information Card All crystals have been cleansed and blessed & come with a high-quality organic 100% Cotton pouch.

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