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Intuition⎮Smudge Bundle

Trust your Intuition & Invite Good Intentions into your Life! This beautiful blue bundle includes: • CALIFORNIA WHITE SAGE - Burning sage is an ancient spiritual ritual to enhance intuition & is an excellent way to relieve the negativity in your soul or home & replace it with positive intentions & energy. • SELENITE - is a gemstone that has a myriad of benefits! • BLUE KYANITE - is a unique gem when it comes to healing properties & boosts your intuition. • Heart Keepsake Charm & Dried flowers (for beauty Love & Light)! • Information card. *PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the time of year and dried flowers available, we use various flower types for decoration - therefore, the flowers on the bundle may vary somewhat from what is pictured. But the colors used are always consistent. And we promise you that they are ALWAYS beautiful! Each piece is handmade with the utmost care & comes carefully packaged and ready to gift as pictured.

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