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Lion Paw Shell⎮Ritual Burner

Burn your ritual smudges & incense safely & with style! Associated with the Birth of Venus, the Lion Paw Shell is a perfect choice for your smudging and clearing ceremonies. The natural curve bowl is fireproof and holds your rope incense, loose herbs, smudge bundles, or palo santo safely for burning. Seashells have deep symbolic roots and are recognized to have gentle but thorough healing energy. The uniqueness of each seashell is a beautiful reminder of how individual each person is. A meaningful indication that we all have an opportunity to live an extraordinary life. Our glass bottle of 'Quoteable' safety matches in Creamy Yellow is included with your Ritual Shell to light your way & your Ritual Smudges. • Information card also included. • Tied with two beautiful Ribbons - Shimmer Dusty Rose & Cream woven cotton • All shells are stunningly unique. Therefore some color variation is normal. • They measure ca. 5 - 5.5 inches

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