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My Sacred Space⎮Portable Ritual Kit

Your Sacred Space should be a place where you find rest. It ought to feel as comfortable, positive, and inspiring as possible! All ritual begins with creating a sacred space to safely practice meditation, divination, or anything that connects you to the Divine to feel protected and supported by the Universe to create a circle of joy and fulfillment. Whether at home or traveling, My Sacred Space⎮Ritual Kit offers tools to help you raise the vibration in any space you choose. You will receive everything you need to fill your Sacred Space with blessings, protection & soothing vibes. This Sacred Kit Includes: • Black Tourmaline (Protective & Calms the Mind) • Amethyst (Generates a Relaxing Atmosphere) • Clear Crystal (Master Healer, Purifies & Energizes) • Selenite Wand (Protective & Generates a Soothing Energy) • Mini Sage Torch (To Purify your Space, You & your Crystals) • Palo Santo (Ideal for Raising your Vibration) • Small Ritual Feather • Safety Matches • Organic Cotton Pouch

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