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Smudgesicle • Cleansing Wand ⎮ Rose

What's a Smudgesicle? It's a Palo Santo stick (ethically sourced) that is dipped into air-purifying beeswax & then bound together with organic dried beneficial herbs and flowers - used to cleanse & invite positive energy to you and your space. Lovingly handmade with: •Palo Santo •Rose Buds •Sage •Juniper •Rosemary •Copal •Cedar HOW TO USE: Ignite your Smudgesicle over a heat-resistant dish or shell to catch the wax drippings & ashes at a 45-degree angle for several seconds (until the Palo Santo wand starts to burn); blow out the flame so only smoke remains. Move your Smudgesickle around however you desire in your practice with loving intention. Our Smudgesicles are approximately 4-4.5 inches long. Please note: They may shed a little bit in transport. However, We package each piece carefully with intention and protection.

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