Solar Eclipse Sticker with Quote, 3" Waterproof Decal CUSTOM

"Turn Around Bright Eyes" Solar Eclipse Sticker OPTIONAL: CUSTOMIZE WITH DATE, CITY and/or STATE Our high quality die cut vinyl stickers are: • Waterproof • Weather Resistant • 3" at longest side • Dishwasher Safe (top rack, low heat) • Hand drawn/designed APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: • Clean surface thoroughly before application, apply when dry • To apply: press, rub, and smooth down sticker (do not scrape or scratch) • Best applied to smooth surfaces with no texture CARE INSTRUCTIONS: • To Wash: gently hand wash or wipe with a smooth, wet cloth • Dishwasher Use: Top rack, low heat • UV Resistance: These stickers are UV resistant. • Scratch Resistance: Scratch resistant, but not 100% scratch proof eclipse, cute stickers, vacation shop, solar eclipse accessories, stickers with sayings, funny quotes, eclipse path, commemorative eclipse, funny sayings, total solar eclipse, 2023 Eclipse, 2024 Eclipse

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