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The Goddess Book

A Celebration of Witches, Queens, Healers, and Crones This is a book of mediations that celebrate the divine feminine. It is an exploration of representations of the goddess throughout history. The words and the stunning art of artist Thaila Took create a sacred space that will nourish women around the world. From Aphrodite, Brigit, Hekate, and Lilith to Baba Yaga, Kuan Yin, Oshun, and Sekmet this is a treasury to let the goddesses empower and inspire you. Organized by the four seasons, the goddesses are grouped according to the seasons in which their energies are most potent. These meditations and affirmations challenge readers to awaken the divine feminine, create meaningful, simple, heart-nourishing rituals and create the life you want informed by the goddess. "Every woman needs this book on her bedside table. An active and animated must-read.”—Emma Mildon, bestselling author of The Soul Searcher’s Handbook and Evolution of Goddess

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