Red Feather

The Healing Power of Love

In The Healing Power of Love, internationally known researcher and healer Brad Steiger shows you how to harness this fundamental energy and utilize it to treat yourself and others - even over long distances. Steiger includes techniques of Native American tribes, the Kahunas of Hawaii, astral healing, mind-body control, the power of prayer, laughter, and many more. These step-by-step processes are easy to perform and amazingly powerful, and have been used successfully to cure such debilitating diseases as multiple sclerosis, cancer, and tuberculosis. According to Steiger, love is an expression of God that enables us to work miracles. It is the greatest power in the Universe - and it is available to everyone. The Healing Power of Love is your spiritual first-aid kit. Paperback. Author: Steiger, Brad. Number of pages: 188.

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