We're All Mad Here Sticker, 3" Alice in Wonderland Quote

This cute book lover sticker features a quote from Alice in Wonderland. It's perfect for bookstores. Our high quality die cut vinyl stickers are: • Waterproof • Weather Resistant • 3" at longest side • Hand drawn/designed APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: • Clean surface thoroughly before application, apply when dry • To apply: press, rub, and smooth down sticker (do not scrape or scratch) • Best applied to smooth surfaces with no texture CARE INSTRUCTIONS: • To Wash: gently hand wash or wipe with a smooth, wet cloth • Dishwasher Use: Top rack, LOW heat & pressure • UV Resistance: These stickers are UV resistant. If placed in areas with constant direct sunlight, lighter colors may eventually fade a bit. • Scratch Resistance: Scratch resistant, but not scratch proof. Stickers may be scratched when wet. Alice in Wonderland, stickers for women, book lover, reading sticker, bookstore, funny saying, nerdy quote, readers, read sticker, book sticker

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