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Zen Mom ⎮ Crystal Kit

Our Zen Mom Crystal Kit is handcrafted with loving intentions for Moms-to-be, New Moms & all moms who could use a bit of uplifting encouragement. These curated stones are filled with love and healing energy and are meant to provide a sense of peace, inner trust & an overall sense of well-being. They are all set with intentions for feminine power, joy, unconditional love, protection, and calming vibes! ZEN MOM CRYSTAL KIT INCLUDES: • Rose Quartz - Love | Compassion | Tenderness • Peach Moonstone - Feminine energy | Calm | Fertility • Unakite - Balance | Pregnancy | Rebirth • Selenite Wand - Peace | Nurturing | Protection • Clear Quartz Crystal - Clarifying | Amplifying | Healing • Palo Santo - To cleanse & harmonize your crystals to support your intentions for them. • Information Card All crystals have been cleansed and blessed & come with a high-quality organic 100% Cotton pouch.

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